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2 min readSep 15, 2021

CEH PRACTICAL, as the name suggests, is based on practical knowledge. It is an exam based on your skills to scan a network, compromise services, pwning machines etc. So, I bought CEH Practical voucher for 150$ on 25–26 august, as it was on discount from 16–31 August 2021.

I had already done eJPT certification, so I was quite confident about my practical knowledge for CEH Practical. So, after buying the voucher I started researching on how the exam is and what are other people’s experiences with the examination. I read BLOGS and watched YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I came across many blogs and videos stating that the exam is quite easy, so that encouraged me to give the exam as soon as possible and get the certificate.

After some research I finally went to the ASPEN dashboard and scheduled my exam on 13–09–21| 12:15 am | IST. After scheduling the exam, I started looking for what specific tools or techniques that I had to keep in my mind like what kind of things are asked frequently in the exam. Luckily, I found some videos stating some tools that are must for the exam. I saw their working and understood how are they used. Even though it was an open book examination I could have just searched their working while in the exam but being a little prepared really helped me.


These are some videos I watched before giving the exam. You can have a look at them and see if they can help you.

After all this preparation I finally sat for my exam at 13–09–21|12:15 am | IST and I started my exam. The proctor was nice, he guided me thorough all the instructions and rules. This took some 25 min I guess, after that I finally started the exam with 2 web machines one windows and one parrot machine and then I read 20 questions and started solving them one by one. After 3 hours I was finished with my examination.

Coming to the things you should keep in mind:

1. Keep the scheduled time when you can comfortably give the exam. It will affect when you are giving the exam. I scheduled it at night and it went on till 4 am and I was feeling sleepy so I just couldn’t give my 100% in the exam.

2. Talk with your proctor in the start, be good with him/her so that if anything goes wrong, he/she understands and pardons it.

3. At last, but not the least is that you should stay calm while giving the exam, keep a water bottle around you and drink a sip once in a while.

That’s all I have to say about my experience about CEH PRACTICAL, hope this blog helps you. :)




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